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Laptop Repair Services

From our base in Victoria, London SW1, Low Cost Laptop Repair is able to offer a full range of laptop repair, replacement, refurbishment and upgrade services for almost any make and model of laptop. We also offer expert soft services including virus removal, software upgrades and data recovery.


Laptop Repair ServicesOver time, the accumulation of dust and crumbs under the keys can cause the keyboard to malfunction. If the dirt particles cannot be removed by using a soft brush, the keyboard may require professional cleaning. The presence of dust within the computer itself can also cause circuit faults resulting in possible damage to the motherboard. It is important to have laptops serviced and cleaned regularly to prevent damage from dust which could prove costly to repair. Low Cost Laptop Repair offers a professional cleaning service which includes removal of dust from motherboard and cleaning the heat sink, fan, CPU and graphic chip. Thermal paste is then added to the chips. We also use diagnostic software to check the hard disk for errors.

HARDWARE – repair and replacement

Power Socket and Adapter

Low Cost Laptop Repair can repair a faulty power jack if it is feasible to do so or replace it. If the cause of the problem is due to a faulty adapter, we can also supply new adaptors for a wide range of laptop models and makes.


Low Cost Laptop Repair has a large assortment of replacement keys and keyboards in stock so we can often repair faulty keyboards the same day.

Laptop Hinge Repair

Low Cost Laptop Repair offers a specialized hinge repair service. We have arrangements with suppliers of genuine spare parts for many brands so we can obtain an exact replacement hinge in a short time.

Screen repair and replacement

Display screens are fragile and easily break if the laptop is dropped. Cracked screens cannot be repaired not all display issues would require screen replacement. If the problem is due to failure of the back light or the inverter that powers up the screen, it might be possible to repair them without having to replace the screen.

Motherboard repair

We specialize in motherboard repairs and our laptop repair experts have over 6 years expertise in resolving problems with with nVidia, ATi and Intel chips. Our technicians are capable of carrying out repairs at component level which is considerably cheaper than replacing the whole motherboard. Low Cost Laptop Repair has an advanced BGA rework / reflow station installed in its workshop. Very few other laptop repair companies offer this specialist service.

HARDWARE – Upgrades

If you require upgrades of memory (RAM), CPU, graphics cards and hard drives, you can rely on Low Cost Laptop Repair’s professional team to help you boost laptop speed and sort out memory module issues. Our extensive stocks of memory modules enable us to provide memory upgrade on the same day you bring your laptop to us in most cases.

SOFTWARE – problem solving and upgrades

Our team of software experts can resolve issues such as lost passwords, corrupt operating system (OS), driver failures, virus or a spyware attack quickly. We can provide the right antivirus software upgrades to prevent virus and spyware problems in future.


When a hard drive becomes defective, you are at a risk of losing valuable data which you need for essential business operations. Creative IT’s hard drive data recovery services would be able to save data which has been lost as a result of accidental re format or deletion of files, virus attacks, corrupted partition table or physical damage.

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