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Acer Ferrari Component Level Repair

Acer Ferrari Laptop Component RepairComponent level repair for Acer Ferrari laptops is a highly technical and specialised service which few laptop repair companies can offer. Low Cost Laptop Repair is one of the few that can carry out component level repair in London. This service is always in great demand by our clients because it is much cheaper than replacing a motherboard or logic board.

Low Cost Laptop Repair component level repair services for Acer Ferrari laptops

Low Cost Laptop Repair’s laptop repair technicians are highly qualified and have been trained to carry component level repair on your Acer Ferrari laptop. Low Cost Laptop Repair’s component level repair workshops in Victoria, London SW1 and Bermondsey London SE1 are both equipped with sophisticated diagnostic software and equipment. This enables our highly skilled technicians to identify the cause of problems you may be experiencing with your Acer Ferrari laptop’s motherboard or hard drive logic board accurately and in the shortest possible time.
We are able to carry out both types of component level repair that may be needed for your Acer Ferrari laptop, namely:


Power jack repair is one form of motherboard repair we carry our frequently as power jacks are prone to accidental damage and tend to wear out with regular use. We keep a large stock of spare power jacks for all popular makes and models including Acer Ferrari laptops. This means we can usually replace a broken power jack the same day we receive your Acer Ferrari laptop. Minor faults with capacitors and resistors can also be sorted out quickly.
Low Cost Laptop Repair’s two component level repair workshops are equipped with BGA Reflow workstations. This enables us to fix problems with loose Nvidia, ATI and Intel graphics chips by resoldering them to the motherboard.


Low Cost Laptop Repair’s hard drive component level repair experts have years of experience in fixing problems with logic boards produced by the five main hard drive manufacturers: Toshiba, Samsung, Hitachi, Seagate and Western Digital. They are aware of all the faults that can occur with logic boards in the hard drive of Acer Ferrari laptops and are confident they can fix them. In many cases we are able to carry out Firmware, Electrical and Mechanical component level repair on hard drive logic board to save having to replace the whole hard drive. Low Cost Laptop Repair offers a comprehensive hard drive repair service for Acer Ferrari laptops which includes:
In the event that component level repair proves impractical or the faulty component cannot be replaced Low Cost Laptop Repair can also carry out motherboard and/or logic board replacement as we usually have spare motherboards in stock.

Pickup and delivery service

If you are not able to bring your Acer Ferrari laptop to our office in Victoria for component level repair we can arrange a courier to pick up your faulty laptop and return it to you once the component level repair work is complete. The cost of courier service will vary depending on your location.

Contact Low Cost Laptop Repair on 020 7394 2521 to find out how we can help with component level repair on your Acer Ferrari laptop.

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